About Us – Collier Homes

Over Three Decades of Experience

A world of possibilities lies between your decision to build a new home and the reality of walking in the front door, and your contractor can make all of the difference in how those possibilities unfold.

Award-winning builder Collier Homes has been in the business of building homes for over three decades and they understand that the prospect can seem daunting to many new home buyers. That is why we remain personally involved from the very beginning, helping you navigate through the entire process, from site selection to choice of kitchen cabinets. With Collier Homes, you will never get lost in a sea of middlemen. Instead, you will receive all of the individual support you need to arrive happily at your destination.

Some of Our Work

Fully Customizable Homes

While Collier Homes is a relatively small company, it is anything but small-minded. With a variety of models to choose from, you are sure to find one that you can make your own. But if you wish to fully customize your home, an architect is made available to you. In any case, our highly skilled interior decorator is at your disposal to assist you with colours and styles. Your new home will have your special stamp on it no matter which option you choose.

Speed and Quality

There is another benefit to building with Collier Homes. Under certain circumstances, your project can be completed in as little as 5 to 6 months. This is due in part to the quick response that Collier is able to provide to your calls, but quality workmanship is never compromised.

Exceeding the Energy Star Rating

And that’s not all. Collier Homes are “Energy Star” rated for environmental accountability and cost-effectiveness. (www.energystar.gov) Energy Star homes are up to 30% more efficient than traditional homes, providing significant savings for you and your family. With hydro and energy costs constantly rising, this is an important consideration for all home buyers. (There are also some mortgage-related benefits which may apply.)

Character and Craftsmanship

Take a look at our Open Houses on this site or visit them in person. You will discover the character and craftsmanship of a Collier Home, and be provided with more information and guidance.