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Build Process

Collier Homes has developed a niche for those who want a welcoming, straight-forward relationship with their builder. There are no surprises with Collier Homes. Plans are laid out and clarified at the very start. Questions are answered along the way. Any issues or concerns are discussed and resolved before they become unmanageable. New buyers can call Brandon any time and receive the personal attention that they deserve. Collier Homes remains accountable throughout the entire relationship.

Because of the special consideration that home buyers receive from Brandon, customers don’t have to worry about all of the ins and outs of the process. Below are some basic steps to help you understand what to expect along the way.

Home Building Process

The Process

  1. Visit our model home or call us to receive general information.
  2. Look over the brochure and consider which style of home may be right for you.
  3. Set up an appointment to meet Rick personally.
  4. Share your ideas about floor plans with Rick. He will answer your questions on what changes can be accommodated and which may require the help of an architect.
  5. Choose a site and a plan that suits your needs and preferences.
  6. Once you are clear on all of the particulars, sign a purchase and sale agreement, which includes a price and a proposed closing date.
  7. Meet with the designer to discuss both exterior and interior specifications.
  8. Your information will be passed on to Collier’s interior decorator, who can assist you further with colours and styles.
  9. If you wish to assess the progress along the way, call Collier Homes and we will walk you through the site.
  10. Contact Rick at any time with any additional questions or concerns.
  11. Once construction is complete, move in and enjoy your new home!

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